Sober Motor Company

I write and perform music as Sober Motor Company.

Last Call:

I lived the first half of my adult life as a professional musician. I shared the stage with famous bands and played to crowds of thousands. My songs were on the radio. I did interviews for music rags. I owned recording studios in Arizona and North Carolina. I lived a fast, relatively successful life in the music world that was fueled by booze, drugs, and ego.

As I continued on my reckless path toward becoming famous, the booze and drugs took over and I lost control. No one was more shocked than me when I drank myself homeless. I came into the program of 12 Step Recovery in 2007. I was a constant relapser for my first 5 years in 12 Step Recovery, and I spent
2007-2012 living in detox centers, sober living facilities, rehabs, jails, emergency rooms and on the streets.

In 2012 while I was a patient in yet another rehab, my stepmother, whom I called Mom, suddenly passed away. My Sobriety Sponsor and the power we call God in 12 Step Recovery carried me through my Mom’s death when I was only one month sober.

My sobriety date is February 15, 2012.

Jay Dow


These CDs are being dedicated and offered for free download to all alcoholics and drug addicts on their new path to Recovery. In early sobriety, most of us come into Recovery with no money, bank accounts, or credit cards. So these songs are a gift for you!


We are currently filming the SoMoCo Music Workshop. Donations from these two music CDs will be used to help distribute free copies of the recorded version of the SoMoCo Music Workshop CDs/DVDs for use in prisons, jails, and state funded Recovery rehabs across the USA.

For those who can contribute, there is a minimum suggested donation of $10 to download a CD. There is an option to donate more if you choose. So please…”Give Generously” and help reach alcoholics and drug addicts in prisons, jails, and state funded rehabs with the message that
“In 12 Step Recovery we DO Recover from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction!”

Jay Dow

Live from Rehab

Artist: Sober Motor Company
Release: 2017
Jay Dow Lyrics, Vocals
Pete Walker Lead Guitar, Mixing, Mastering, Production
Jay Dow All Other Instruments



Click here for LYRICS
Free Downloads
Still a Slave Can Ya Swing It Jesus Glass Dick Rattle Snakes Shake A Mother's Love Stone Cold Sober Sunday

Stone Cold Sober

Artist:  Sober Motor Company
Release: 2015
Jay Dow        Lyrics, Vocals
Pete Walker   Lead Guitar, Mixing, Mastering, Production
Jay Dow   All Other Instruments


SoMoCo Music Workshop

Since 2013 I have been performing my songs and telling my story of Recovery to struggling alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment.

I have written all of my songs. Although I perform publicly for larger crowds, the SoMoCo Music Workshop is usually limited to 30 people in order to create an intimate environment that fosters sharing. Music is a spiritual experience. The SoMoCo Music Workshop allows alcoholics and addicts to connect with feelings they haven’t been able to feel and to share about their deep hidden pain, cry tears of healing, and feel and experience the inner power we call God in 12 Step Recovery.

After each class, I ask for voluntary feedback. Click the link below to read what alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment have written about their experience participating in the SoMoCo Music Workshop. Note that names have been blacked out to maintain anonymity.

Click here for SoMoCo CLIENT FEEDBACK

To book a SoMoCo Music Workshop at your treatment center, speaker meeting, or Recovery retreat or convention please email: JAYDOW@SOBERMOTORCOMPANY.COM

Five Years Sober

This is a recording of me speaking on my 5 year sobriety date February 15, 2017 at Crossroads for Men Treatment Center in Phoenix, Arizona.



Spiritual Advisor Joe McDonald
12-STEP Presentation

Live recordings of Joe McDonald, my Spiritual Advisor, presenting all 12 Steps out of the book titled Alcoholics Anonymous in a weekly meeting with over 200 alcoholics and addicts present. Joe is a dynamic speaker who delivers the 12 Steps with truth and power!

These recordings taught me how to take men through the 12 Step process as a Sponsor.




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